Poetry Class

ไม่น่าเชื่อว่าสมัยหนึ่งในชีวิตเคยเรียนวิชา Poetry และช่วงนั้นมองทุกสิ่งรอบข้างด้วยอารมณ์สุนทรีย์

ไปขุดเจอเอางานเก่าๆ ที่เคยเขียนไว้ และกลัวว่ามันจะหายไป เลยเอามาลงเก็บไว้เป็นที่ระลึก (อย่าสนใจเรื่องแกรมม่า และคำศัพท์นะ ฮาๆ)


Daddy leads me to the zoo.

I see kangaroo near bamboos.

Monkeys climb on the trees

And they give bananas to me.

Elephant with the long trunk swing.

The birds can sing and fly by wing.

Crocodile likes swim.

But I don’t want swim with him.

Giraffe has a long neck

And the long tail is snake.

The horse runs very fast

And I see tiger in the last

When I go home , I see monkeys eat my ice-cream.

Oh…my god , it is my dream


Where there is the will, there is the way

The sky seems cloudy,
look around myself,
Why is it so lonely?
Hardly see the way to step,
Dark, dim ,rough path.
It has many obstacles,
But I must resist,
Continue on this way

The sky seems depressed,
look in front of myself,
a powerful rocky mountain stops my way.
Hardly pass through the vigorous hill.
I must fly high over, If I will go.
Fight the big strom from higher
to visit the sky-high heaven.

How long is this way?
Ten thousand dangers,
one heart confirm to go.
No way I give up,
as long as my heart is not disheartened.
I am flying to the top of the sky,
in order to reach my destination.

Not so far,
I will see the beautiful rainbow,
places upon the big sky.
Merely hope to meet the purpose of my mind.
My expectation is happiness and peace.
Not so long,
I will cross the enormous mountain,
and live with my earnest wish beyond the hill forever.



Twinkled light splashes warmly to triangle heart.
You are light of my life,
Make me percieve in darkness.

Slender curve shadow shade secure and peaceful to bloody heart.
You are my mind’s shadow,
Make me rest in merciful shelter.

Because you are there , then I am.
Steady bind each other like light and shadow.

If there is you, there must be me.
Will jointly share every event,
Will be content to live together.
Light and shadow are always partners,
Like you and me.

If there is me, there must be you.
Will find our dreams and make it true,
Will walk together through bitter barrier.
Light and shadow always love each other,
As our pure passion.

Shadow’s lacking light, probably without shade,
Lacking you, probably without me.
Light’s lacking shadow, probably without sense,
Lacking you, probably without soul.

If there is you, there must be me.
We must live together.
Be light and shadow of each other forever


Moon & Star

The bright moon’s shinning on the sky at night.
She’s the big brilliant moon on higher, in the clear sky.
Some night she is full, some night she is half.
However she always beautiful in guy’s eyes who look at her from the earth.

The twinkled star’s glittering in the sky at night.
I am the small star dazzling on higher in the cloud sky
Hardly to gaze, cause I just a little star.
However I always spread out around the sky reside the moon,
and support her more lovely.



Young beautiful woman who has big black eyes,
black hair, elevalated and firm face.
has strong energy to do everything.

Changed by time, the long time for 89 years.
Became old woman who has little grey eyes,
white hair , and sit on the wheelbarrow.

Everything doesn’t maintain
Everything will decay by time
Oneday in future,
Everyone must be like that


Love is

Love is
like rain;s falling down in dry season,
like see rainbow’s rising up upon sunshine,
like cold wind on April,
like weak heart become strong,
like one’s get lost meet friends,
like find important thing tat lose,
like bad to be very good,
when you fall in love.

Love is
like the lake of tear,
like the ocean of sorrow,
like the valley of death,
when the end of love



Waterfall, natural, beautiful, fresh, cool
If I stand in still water, it’s simple.
Sometime I want to challenge with nature.
I want to know that if I stand near waterfall
and flow like flood, what would I feel?
I try it , dangerous, hardly comeback
because it runs so fast, may make pain or make me die
frighten, don’t have anything capture,
It’s late to comeback.



How many time that I cry,
Sometime I want to fly
away from something that made me sad.
“The world” that is very sad
Why human cry ?
Human cry because love.
The more you love, the more you sad.
The more you love, the more you cry.
again and again
ever and forever



There is no more walls.

There is no more falls

There is no closed door in the earth.

That’s we’re all be friends.

The world that is one together.

If there is you, there must be me .

Will jointly share happiness comes.

You are sunshine in to my life.

Not have cloud in diamond sky.

Childhood’s flying on pale moon light.

If there is me, there must be you.

Will find our dreams, and make it true.

Will walk through bitter barrier.

We fight in war and be partner.

World see us through to forever.

Like rain’s falling down on barren land.

Like see rainbow on sunshine.

Like cold wind on hotter.

We’ll be the winner.

On matter weak becomes strong.

Shadow’s lacking light without shade.

Lacking you may be without me.

Light’s lacking shadow maybe without sense.

Lacking you maybe with out soul.

If there is you, there must be me.

You are the light shines in my life.

When thunder rumbles on sky.

When wind blow up, you are inside.

Let me share whole world with you.

That’s where we’ll be the friend forever.

How’s longing of this way?

How hardness of this way?

We fight…We fight

If there is me, there must be you.

I will be there, when you’re so blue.

If the last thing that I can do,

If you will die, I will die too.

I cannot live without you.

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